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NICEIC Testing/Inspection 

About the NICEIC

NICEIC testing and condition reporting is an important aspect of ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical installations. Scole Electrical's membership in NICEIC and their experience in providing NICEIC testing and condition reporting services shows their commitment to meeting industry standards and regulations, as well as providing quality electrical installations.

A NICEIC condition report, also known as a periodic inspection report, is a detailed examination of the electrical installation to determine its condition and compliance with the current safety standards and regulations. The report will identify any faults, damage, or areas that need improvement, and provide recommendations for remedial action to bring the installation up to the required standards.

By having Scole Electrical carry out NICEIC testing and condition reporting, customers can be confident that their electrical installations are safe, compliant, and suitable for their intended use. Regular testing and condition reporting can also help to identify and prevent potential safety hazards, and extend the life of the electrical installation.